The art of Beauty MIHO MUSEUM
Peach Blossom Valley in the modern era

The heart that seeks beauty

“… the mystical power which springs from the artist’s soul passes though the written word, though the visual image, the musical instrument, the song or dance, and plucks at the soul of all mankind.” – Mokichi Okada

Art and beauty have the power to nourish and refine the soul. Not only do they bring pleasure but they profoundly move the heart and mind. Beauty fosters a deeper appreciation of life and all creation.

Throughout history, art has touched the part of the human spirit that exists above the struggle for survival and beyond the sphere of reason. It can put humankind in touch with the best qualities of human nature. It is for this reason that Shumei encourages the integration of art and beauty into daily life. When touched by beauty we place a higher value on life and on all creation.

The arts foster harmony both within the individual and among communities. Through its many concerts, exhibitions, and seminars Shumei actively encourages an awareness and understanding of art’s power and significance. We encourage our members and friends to make all the arts an integral part of their lives.

Interior of the museum
Interior of the museum


In 1997, the Shumei Cultural Foundation inaugurated the Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan, which houses the internationally celebrated Shumei Collection. The Miho presents art of great aesthetic and historical value from throughout the ancient world in a setting that allows people to fully appreciate and enjoy its beauty.

To offer something natural and tasty

Nature, architecture, art objects and beautifully pure things touch the hearts of anyone who viewes them.

Mrs. Mihoko Koyama wanted to offer an agricultural “Work of art,” help farmers produce food that is delicious and fills the heart with happiness. At our small restaurant,“Peach Valley” and the Pine View tea room, we strive to fulfill these aspirations of the museum’s founder. The menu would be the simple Omusubi, Udon, Soba, and Bread–dishes served almost every where; but there was no other restaurant anywhere that served dishes prepared with only Shumei naturally grown ingredients.

Breads are mainly made from Natural Agriculture fruits, natural spring wheat from Canada and varieties of wild yeast. Each ingredient imparts its own flavor to the leavened goods. This additive-free bread is simple, but delicious.

While traveling around enjoying the beauty of the collections – Please enjoy the marvelous harmony between the architecture and nature, the art itself and of course, the food.


The Three Arts

  • Jyorei the Art of Life
  • The art of Beauty MIHO MUSEUM
  • Natural Agriculture the Art of Food Cultivation<