Natural Agriculture the Art of Food Cultivation<
the Art of Food Cultivation


Our Environment and Natural Agriculture The greatest expression of Shumei's deep concern for the health of our Earth is its commitment to the practice of the Natural Agriculture method of growing food, a method that emphasizes the integrity of nature and the purity of soil, water, and air. Underlying Natural Agriculture is a profound reverence for Nature and its practice is guided entirely by the intrinsic wisdom of Nature. Shumei's founder, Mokichi Okada, who developed Natural Agriculture, envisioned it as not only a means of cultivating pure and wholesome food but as an art and spiritual practice. As an agricultural method it relies on understanding the subtle physical relationships and spiritual bonds that exist among all the elements involved in the cultivation of food: the earth, sun, rain, wind, the farmer, the people who eat the food, and the society in which they live. And its purpose is to foster the health and wellbeing of all these elements.

Shigaraki no Sato
Shigaraki-no-Sato provides an Oasis-like place for those who visit or work there. One can hear the soft murmuring of the stream, birds chirping, and the touch of the soft breeze. Simply by being inside one of the Kominka, one can rediscover the harmonious balance that once existed there, a sense of peace that unfortunately, contemporary society has long forgotten. It also provides a learning experience for children. Shigaraki-no-Sato is a place where visitors can begin to feel an emotional tie with the simple, more peaceful lifestyle that our ancestors once enjoyed. It is a tranquil place where nature can heal the body, mind, and spirit.
Umashi Uruwashi


There are hundreds of millions of living organisms in each handful of soil. They all form an integrated web of life within the soil which helps it to remain balanced and healthy. It seems to be an ideal world unto itself. A feeling of gratitude, as well as the use of no additives increases the purity of the soil and its fundamental power. This method begins with the gathering of seeds from crops planted in soil cleansed of all impurities.
The seeds then grow crops which are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers or manure.
It’s a beautiful life style in which seeds, soil, and humans interact.

NPO Corporation Shumei Natural Agriculture Network
On the 1st of May, 2003, Shumei Natural Agriculture Network, working as an NPO Corporation (SNN) was established. It is dedicated to a variety of activities such as the preservation of the environment, international cooperation, social education, organizing children’s programs, supporting producers by educating consumers, by helping to distribute the products, and by working with allotment, food education, marché and the ‘My Rice Paddy’ program.


The Three Arts

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  • Natural Agriculture the Art of Food Cultivation<